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This month we’ll explore the tastes of winter (fuyu)-
The Fuyu Favourites Tabehako box can be ordered until February 28, 2023.


Fuyu Favourites Selection

Explore this month’s selection of traditional and modern Japanese snacks, paired with a fitting Japanese tea.
In your box you will also receive a Japanese home good, which will be a surprise every month.

Strawberry Pocky

A thin, crispy pretzel covered in a thick, pink cream infused with sweet ripe strawberries. With a taste similar to that of strawberry ice cream, it’s a perfect snack for all.

Saga Marubouro

Saga Prefecture
Introduced to Japan by a Dutchmen over 300 years ago, marubouro is a light, traditional egg biscuit that has the perfect degree of sweetness.

Kobu Kaki

Toyama Prefecture
This savory, mochi rice cracker features konbu; an umami-filled, salty type of kelp that enhances the flavors of any dish. Best paired with a refreshing drink or tea.

Shittori Choco Cookie

These soft, chewy one-bite cookies have a shittori (moist) center of rich chocolate cream. The cream features white beans, which creates a dense, melting texture.


With red beans as its main ingredient, a small piece of this wagashi (Japanese confection) is simple yet dense. Best paired with a type of Japanese hot tea.

Kuri Shigure

Yamanashi Prefecture
This bite-sized, sweet chewy bun highlights a mix of chestnut and white bean paste, and will quickly satisfy your sweet tooth. Best paired with a non-sweetened drink.

Kinako Mochi

Niigata Prefecture
A light senbei cracker, snow-dusted with fragnant kinako (roasted soybean powder) and wasanbon, a fine-grained Japanese sugar with a gentle sweetness dating back to the Edo era.


Houji-cha is a type of low-caffeine roasted Japanese tea, allowing for a bold and toasty flavour. Try it on its own or add a splash of warm milk and sugar for a unique taste!

Pie no Mi

These bite-size pies feature 64 layers of flaky pastry and a core of rich chocolate cream. They’re a delight as-is, but a quick pop in the microwave promises a melty surprise.

Macadamia Chocolate

These crunchy macadamia nuts covered with silky-smooth, creamy chocolate that’s not too sweet are popular among Japanese for a reason: try a bite!

Black Thunder

While average-looking at first glance, the highlight of these crispy dark chocolate bars are the balls of puffed rice in its core, as well as bits of plain and chocolate biscuit parts. 

Osodefuri Mamemochi

Made of Japanese glutinous rice and soybeans only grown in the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, this mochi rice cracker is airy yet crisp, with a delicate aroma and taste.

Hokkaido Milk Candy

The winter island of Japan, Hokkaido, is famous for its dairy. These hard candies are the result of fresh cream and butter blended at perfect temperature and speed.

Awa Okoshi

Osaka Prefecture
A traditional confection, Osaka’s Awa Okoshi is made of just five ingredients, but strong sesame and ginger flavours are hidden in this seemingly simple snack.

Peanuts Okashi

Osaka Prefecture
This Japanese-style snack is perfect for lovers of peanuts. Crispy and airy, this simple bite made of puffed wheat and peanut butter will keep you energy levels up!

Koala's March

Released in March almost 40 years ago, these crispy chocolate-filled cookies feature over 210 different adorable characters. Which characters will you find?

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You can order the “The Tabehako Original: Fuyu Favourites” box until February 28, 2023. You can expect to receive the box by mid-February if no shipping delays outside of Tabehako’s power occur (e.g. holiday periods).

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Strawberry Pocky: dairy, wheat, soy
Saga Marubouro: wheat, egg
Kobu Kaki: soy
Shittori Choko Cookie: dairy, egg, wheat, soy
Youkan: N/A
Kuri Shigure: egg
Kinako Mochi: wheat, soy
Houji-cha: N/A
Pie no Mi: dairy, wheat, soy
Macadamia Chocolate: dairy, soy
Black Thunder: wheat, dairy, soy
Osodefuri Mamemochi: soy
Hokkaido Milk Candy: egg, dairy, soy
Awa Okashi: sesame
Peanuts Okashi: peanuts
Koala’s March: egg, dairy, wheat, soy

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